Data Privacy Laboratory

Data Privacy Lab

Educational Activities at the Data Privacy Lab



Weekly Presentations and Discussion Meetings

  • Topics in Privacy (TIP) Weekly discussion and presentations, Mondays 1pm TIP consists of weekly discussions and brainstorming sessions on all aspects of privacy. Discussions are often inspired by a real-world privacy problem being faced by the lead discussant, who may be from industry, government, or academia. Practice talks and presentations on specific techniques and topics are also common.

  • Research in Privacy (RIP), Current research in the Data Privacy Lab, Wednesdays 4pm RIP consists of weekly discussions of research currently underway in the Data Privacy Lab. Brings together Data Privacy Lab partners, faculty, students and others actively involved in current lab activities. Topics cover current projects underway in the Data Privacy Lab.

  • Privacy at Lunch (PAL) not held during Spring 2003. PAL brings together Data Privacy Lab partners with faculty, students and others in the community to discuss current issues in privacy. Guest speakers are drawn from around the world. Topics cover all areas of privacy.

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