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CS 15-394 / ISRI 17-702 / ISRI 17-802

Professor: Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D.,

Teaching staff,
William Gronim,
Ralph Gross,
Yiheng Li,
Lecture: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00-4:20pm, Wean 5419ab
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Administrator: Sherice Livingston
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Course Description

This course prepares students to conduct research in privacy technology and to develop privacy-enhancing technology in industry. Students learn concepts and methods for creating technologies and related policies with provable guarantees of privacy protection while allowing society to reap benefits promised by new technologies. Students work on real-world problems and with experienced students and faculty to develop practical and insightful solutions. Problems include: identity theft, biometrics, video surveillance, identifiability of data, link analysis, privacy algorithms, and identity management. Solutions draw on work from data mining, information retrieval, web technology, computer security, cryptography, relational databases, statistics and political philosophy. Students are not expected to have these backgrounds; relevant material is introduced as needed. This course does not survey all privacy topics. Instead, the focus is on a few real-world privacy problems of timely interest, and activities seek to characterize, quantify and/or solve these problems within the semester.

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There is no required textbook for this course. Instead, we will provide course copies and working papers as the course progresses. Handouts will also be available at the course web site.

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