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Gov 2430

Professor: Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D. (email)
Teaching Fellow: Sean Hooley (email)
Lecture-Lab: Thursdays, 2-4pm, CGIS K-107
Office Hours: 2-4pm on Tuesdays, CGIS Knafel 310

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Course Schedule

The following schedule and descriptions are tentative and therefore subject to change based on progress and current events. Throughout the semester, the information will be updated to include links to lab assignments and handouts.

Course Wiki

Consumer Protection
1/29 Shopping lecture: Course Details and Overview
Lab: Scavenger Hunt and Brainstorming Contest
1. Identity Angel
2/5 Problem: Lab
2/12 Lab Updates: reports were exciting. It was resolved to spend an additional week on the project to get an operational system. Lab follow-up, Course Wiki
2/19 Lab Reports and Lessons Learned:
2. Data Re-identification
2/26 Problem: Lab 2a
3/5 Lab Updates and Lab 2b
3. Enforcing Consumer Protection Laws
3/26 Problem: Lab 3a

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