Wearables and Data Privacy

Wearables and Data Privacy

by Ji Su Yoo


Wearable technologies collect intimate personal health and activity data from users - how do companies handle this data? Where does all the data go? This report examines examples of data practices of four wearable and medical technologies as stated on their public websites. In this report, privacy is not considered merely as the absence of intrusion or the right to be left alone but the right to own and control one's personal data. Currently, consumers in the United States have little control over how companies handle their personal data. MyDataCan, a doubly-encrypted data storage service, can be an optimal tool to restore an individual's ability to control how they share personal data.

Keywords: personal data privacy, health data privacy

Citation: J Yoo. Wearables and Data Privacy. Harvard University Data Privacy Lab Working Paper 201806011. (PDF).

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