$1000 Best Privacy Paper Awards

Journal of Privacy Technology
October 31, 2006

In April 2007, the Journal of Privacy Technology (JOPT) will award a $1000 Best Privacy Paper Award to a paper published in the JOPT between now and March 31st*. The award includes travel arrangements to visit Carnegie Mellon and give a seminar talk presenting the award-winning paper.

In order to be eligible, the paper must complete the review process and appear on the JOPT's website by March 31st*. Submit papers by December 31st for the best chance of completing the review process in time for the first award.

The paper may be on any topic in privacy technology (see list at end of this message) and be written from any academic disciplinary perspective. Works must be sound and scholarly. Normal procedures and standards for publication in the JOPT apply.

The JOPT will issue three Privacy Awards in 2007. Candidates for the first award are those papers appearing in the JOPT from now until March 31, 2007*. Candidates for the second and third awards are those papers appearing in the JOPT from April 1 to July 31*, and August 1 to November 30*, respectively.

* Dates are subject to change as needed to ensure there is a minimum number of published papers completing review in each award period. The JOPT will give three consecutive awards with $1000 prize each, but the exact dates for each award may change.

The JOPT Editorial Board reviews papers for publication. The JOPT Advisory Board and Editors decide on recipients of the award. All students, faculty and staff of Carnegie Mellon are ineligible for the award. They may however submit papers for publication in the JOPT.

The goal of the awards is to cross-fertilize research across the various communities engaged in the construction of privacy technology. Latanya Sweeney, the new Editor-in-Chief of the JOPT, said, "Exalting great ideas in privacy, regardless of discipline, enables an international, transdisciplinary dialogue among scholars. We can build on each other's shoulders rather than walking past each other in the darkness of our disciplinary silos. Together, we may be able to tackle the most pressing privacy problems of our time."

This is a pre-announcement. After November 9th, check the JOPT website for the full announcement with details.

The JOPT encourages the submission of papers on:

Below are exemplary, not complete, topics:

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