Invited Talks Given by Lab Members Internationally

Tackling Proposals

Talk by Latanya Sweeney


PhD Program in Computation, Organizations and Society, Graduate Student Seminar
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA. November 15, 2004.

Slides from talk


This talk explains the overall mechanics of the proposal process as 10 steps: (1) identifying funding  agencies;  (2) understanding the "request for a proposal" and its key components; (3) understanding the overall response process you follow, including DHS' use of mini-white papers as a pre-process; (4) identifying the parts of the proposal; (5) writing the narrative content, as compared to writing a research paper -- it's not just a change of verb tense from past to future; (6) designing the budget and setting the total amount to request; (7)  designing and describing the project management component; (8) understanding any human subjects research requirements and whether you need approval of the University's IRB; (9) understanding how the proposal will be  "reviewed" by the funding agent; and finally, (10) interpretting the reviews received back, whether the proposal is funded or not. Examples are drawn from DARPA, NSF, and DHS, with overarching experiences shared from my 5 years on an executive review board at NIH.

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