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Biometrics Alone Won't Do: Developing Holistic Identity Management Solutions

Talk by Latanya Sweeney


Biometrics Symposium 2005, Arlington, VA, September 19, 2005.

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American society is facing a barrage of identity management problems, and the question is "can biometrics help or hurt?" Problems include serious issues with Social Security numbers, credit card transactions, and travel documentation. While some may champion biometrics as “the” solution to personal authentication, identification, recognition and authorization concerns, this talk will show how biometrics can only partially solve these problems. Further, widespread deployment of biometrics can generate its own privacy concerns. What is needed are holistic systems in which biometrics are embedded with provable guarantees of appropriateness and utility. Biometrics with accompanying policy and technical infrastructures can allow society to reap potential benefits without introducing new problems or exasperating old ones. An example of a holistic solution to many identity management problems (the Sweeney Identity Phone) will be introduced and compared to the current identity management problems and to the application of biometric band-aids. The construction of holistic solutions can allow society to best reap the benefits of biometric protection.

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