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In consideration of my being allowed access to the research data of Professor Latanya Sweeney, I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions regarding the use of "Confidential Data" as defined below. It is anticipated that I will have access to the Confidential Data for the purpose of my work in the Privacy and Anonymity in Data Course, provided as course 15-394 during the period from August through December 2002.

  1. "Confidential Data" means information in the data set(s) of Professor Latanya Sweeney's research that would tend, by itself or with other information to identify particular persons or companies, as well as any other information that Professor Latanya Sweeney (or her representative or assistant) designates as "Confidential Data."

  2. I will use the Confidential Data only for approved educational, research or administrative reasons related to the purpose for my access as noted above. I will not link the Confidential Data in any way, with itself or with other data, to identify particular persons or companies or to determine information about particular persons or companies.

  3. I will not at any time give, sell, lend, show, disclose, publish or otherwise disseminate the Confidential Data to anyone who is not under a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement pertaining to the Confidential Data.

  4. I will use reasonable care with my logon name and password while accessing the Confidential Data to prevent the unauthorized access to or disclosure of Confidential Data.

  5. I will not duplicate the Confidential Data (either in hard copy or electronically) except as necessary to perform my work and I will tkae reasonable care to secure any and all copies.

  6. When I no longer need to use the Confidential Data, and not later than the end data specified above, I will no longer access the Confidential Data and will return any and all copies of the Confidential Data, including electronic copies, that I may have, to Professor Latanya Sweeney. I acknowledge that my obligations regarding confidentiality and non-disclosure of the Confidential Data continue even after I no longer have access to or authorization to use the Confidential data.


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