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Course Schedule

The following schedule and descriptions are tentative and subject to change. Throughout the semester, this information will be updated.

Projects List


Date Description Assignment Due
1 Tue 1/17 Welcome!; Course goal; Description of projects and research activities.
1 Thu 1/19 Social Security numbers; Identity theft; The Identity Angel Project.
Slides, Video, Paper, Identity Angel Project, Assignment 1
2 Tue 1/24 Measuring performance; RosterFinder (and FERPA)
ID Angel Update, Analysis slides, Roster Finder: slides, paper
2 Thu 1/26 Name extraction (Guest lecture: William Gronim); Writing academic papers
Name extraction slides, Writing slides, Find MISM Candidates Project, Email Social Network Project, Assignment 2
Assignment 1, Update
3 Tue 1/31 Biometrics; Sweeney Identity Phone; The Tracemetrics Project
Biometrics slides, Tracemetrics slides
3 Thu 2/2 Student work show-off; Face Book (Guest lecture: Ralph Gross)
Face Book slides
Assignment 2, Solutions
4 Tue 2/7 Pushing projects further
ID Angel Update, Email Net Update, Assignment 3
4 Thu 2/9 Image processing; Relational databases in Java
Image-J slides, Database slides,,,,,
5 Tue 2/14 Data purchase; Privacy survey
Assignment 3
5 Thu 2/16 Data sharing risks and practices; Tracemetrics update
Data sharing slides, Tracemetrics update
6 Tue 2/21 More on risks; Working with JPEG images; Tracemetrics and AAMs on Hands (Guest presentation: Ralph Gross)
AAMs slides, JPEG lab, Assignment 4
6 Thu 2/23 The Discriminating Features Challenge: Sweeney's Order by Closest Neighbors Algorithm; Yiheng Li presents Correlation Coefficients and also a Fractal Approach.
Sweeney algorithm, Yiheng's slides
7 Tue 2/28 All the Data on All the People
Data lab
Assignment 4
7 Thu 3/2 Scavenger hunt results
Data lab results, Face Book
8 Tue 3/7 Minimal risk strategies for tracking people; Privacy Incident Reports (Guest presentation: William Gronim)
Slides, Sony Root Kit Incident
8 Thu 3/9 Provably privacy-preserving strategies for tracking people
Slides (Updated), Warranty Excerpt, Privacy Compliance Excerpt, VAWA, Assignment 5
Tue 3/14 Spring Break!
Thu 3/16 Spring Break!
9 Tue 3/21 Bio-terrorism surveillance, Distributed systems with provable privacy protection
Shelter Tracking (Updated); Distributed bioterrorism surveillance: PrivaSum, RandomOrder
9 Thu 3/23 Medical surveillance; Surveillance under HIPAA
slides, paper Assignment 6
Assignment 5
10 Tue 3/28 Webcam Surveillance
slides, paper; Lab, Lab Results
10 Thu 3/30 Webcam examples; Lab Results
Other sample papers Watching people in waiting rooms, Watching people consume bagels, Analyzing lengths of phonecalls, Vehicle traffic flow
Assignment 6 (submit 1)
11 Tue 4/4 RFID Surveillance, Guest Lecture by Michael Shamos
11 Thu 4/6 Assignment discussions led by Yiheng Li Assignment 6 (submit 2)
12 Tue 4/11 The Concerns of Ian Kerr: technology that makes you feel icky
12 Thu 4/13 Face recognition and Face de-identification, Guest Lecture by Ralph Gross
13 Tue 4/18 Video surveillance projects review
13 Thu 4/20 SCS 50 and Carnival Break!
14 Tue 4/25 In-class presentations by Students Assignment 6 (final submit)
14 Thu 4/27 In-class presentations by Students Assignment 7 (In-class Presentation)
15 Tue 5/2 Work on Project Fair Website
Project Fair, Assignment 8a (Web Presentation)
15 Thu 5/4 Work on Project Fair Website
Project Fair, Assignment 8b (Web Presentation)
Assignment 8 (Web Presentation)
5/9 Project Fair Assignment 6 (Make-up)

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