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Grading Policy

During most weeks of the course, an assignment will be issued consisting of a list of tasks. You may select any one of the tasks to complete for the week. All tasks are worth the same amount of points.

At present, we have elected not to do term projects. Unless this decision changes, your grade will be based solely on weekly assignments. There are no tests. There is no exam.

You may elect to skip one assignment without penalty. If you do not skip any assignments, then the lowest grade you received on an assignment will be dropped.

If you are behind in submitting assignments, you may elect to complete two tasks for one assignment in an attempt to catch up. You may not submit more than two tasks for any one assignment. You can only submit two tasks if you are behind in submissions --i.e., you cannot submit multiple tasks to get ahead.

Assignments are issued on Thursdays and are expected to be submitted on Thursdays. Late assignments will not be accepted beyond the next day (Friday).

There may be opportunities for extra credit points. If so, these will be announced.

Tasks for an assignment typically offer a variety of options. Typically, some tasks will include programming and other tasks will not.

Each task in an assignment is labeled with a measure of difficulty (Easy, Medium, or Hard). These labels reflect the amount of effort we expect will be needed to perform the task excellently. For this reason, tasks labeled "Easy" are graded more harshly than tasks graded "Medium." "Hard" tasks are graded less rigorously (except for graduate students, see below).

If you are enrolled in this course for graduate credit, most of your tasks overall must be labeled "Hard." "Medium" tasks are okay too, but you should avoid having more than one "Easy" task. Irregardless of the label, we grade graduate students more rigorously.

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