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Technology Dialectics
Constructing Appropriate Technology

Course Schedule

The following schedule and descriptions are tentative and therefore subject to change. Throughout the semester, the information will be updated.

Date Description Assignment
Pre 8/28 No lecture. Meet as a group to discuss SCS Immigration Course and Lab 1.
[Lab 1, Talk schedule]
Lab 1, Talk schedule
Pre 9/4 No lecture. Meet as a group to discuss SCS Immigration Course and Lab 1.
[Lab 1, Talk schedule]
1 9/11 The need for contextually appropriate technology; Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research and development.
[References: Chapter 1, Lecture 1]
2 9/18 Preparing oneself for leadership; Disciplinary pride and prejudice; Assuming responsibility.
[References: Chapter 2, Lecture 2, CS Survey]
CS Survey
3 9/25 Traditional views of research and development processes; Scientific writing; Iterative design; Usability testing.
[References: Chapter 3, Lecture 3, CS Survey, Lab 2]
Lab 2
4 10/2 Relating research process to research practice.
[References: Lecture 4, Lab 3]
Lab 3
5 10/9 The Technology Dialectics Paradigm. Infusing stakeholder interests into research and development processes. Constructing "Provably" Appropriate Technology.
[References: Chapter 5, Lecture 5]
6 10/16 Looking at the reproducibility and generalizability of your work. Transdisciplinary plucking.
[References: Chapter 6, Lecture 6]
7 10/23 Composing academic papers. Crafting a story to tell. Examining student work. Design Summaries
8 10/30 Scientific research methods: naturalistic observation, survey, interview, experimentation.
[References: Chapter 8, Lecture 8]
Lab 4
9 11/6 Organizing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary stakeholder assessments. Transdisciplinary plucking; Survey Papers. Mining for the "best" papers and sources. Conducting risk assessments. Substantiating claims; Citation; Plagiarism; Extended problem statements.
[References: Chapter 7, Lecture 9]
Lab 5
10 11/13 Quantitative methods of validation, interpretation, and generalization.
[References: Chapter 9, Lecture 10]
Lab 6
11 11/27 Qualitative methods of validation, interpretation, and generalization.
Making the business case. Making the policy and legal case.
[References: Chapter 10, Lecture 11]
Lab 7
12 12/4 Constructing "Provably" Appropriate Technology.
Project Presentations
12/18 NO Final Exam. Final Paper due. Final Paper!

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