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Technology in Government (TIG) and Topics in Privacy (TIP) consist of weekly discussions and brainstorming sessions on all aspects of privacy (TIP) and uses of technology to assess and solve societal, political, and government problems (TIG). Discussions are often inspired by a real-world problems being faced by the lead discussant, who may be from industry, government, or academia. Practice talks and presentations on specific techniques and topics are also common.

Unless otherwise noted, refreshments are served at 2:30p, discussion 3 to 4pm in room K354, at 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge. Topics are usually not posted earlier than the week or two before.

Schedule Fall 2014

Date  Discussant  Topic
10/27  Adam Tanner, Fellow IQSS  Med Men: How the Hidden Trade in our Private Medical Data became a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

Abstracts of Talks and Discussions

  1. Med Men: How the Hidden Trade in our Private Medical Data became a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

    Doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies, blood test labs, hospitals and middlemen we know nothing about sell our most intimate medical records. Drawing on original interviews in the United States and Europe, the talk will outline the secret history of IMS, the dominant company in today's multi-billion dollar medical data business. Set up by a leading advertising agency in the Mad Man era of Madison Avenue of the 1950s, IMS has long shunned publicity and held some surprising revelations about its origins and development. The investigative findings in the talk are based on some of the company's former top officials pulling back the curtain on the firm's internal workings.

    Adam Tanner, Fellow IQSS, is the author of the recently published book on the business of personal data "“What Stays in Vegas: The World of Personal Data – Lifeblood of Big Business – and the End of Privacy as We Know It”, and a columnist at Forbes.

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